Oct 152012

This work attempts to describe the world as seen thru the eyes of a combat veteran. It is a world virtually unknown to civilians and unknown even within the Warrior culture because few veterans can talk about it.   My purpose in writing the Warrior’s Code is three-fold: To let my fellow combat veterans know why [ Read More … ]

Aug 162012

A Coming Crisis I am writing this note in an attempt to alert the American people about a coming catastrophe that is one of the most predictable crises in our Nation’s history, yet nobody talks about it. It concerns our PTSD caregivers.   They are overwhelmed now by their current caseload.   What will happen when over [ Read More … ]

Jun 162012

WRITER’S NOTE (3) PART ONE: A COMBAT VETERAN’S EXPLANATION OF PTSD (how to prevent veteran suicides: explain why the vet is like he is, save the vet) (1) Experience is not the best teacher, it is the only teacher The explanation of PTSD offered by caregivers and other would-be experts who have never been in combat [ Read More … ]

May 182012
WRITER'S NOTE (4): How and Why the Warrior's Code Was Written (A step-by-step guide how to get out of PTSD and in to serenity)

PUBLISHER’S EMAIL TO WRITER: “Dear writer of the Warrior’s Code of Honor, I thought it very well done and would like to know more about you and your experience.  We might be interested in giving this far greater exposure.  Thank you, Tobias Naegele  mailto:tnaegele@atpco.com” Tobias Naegele, Editor in Chief, Army Times Publishing Co. (Army Times,  Navy [ Read More … ]

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